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A Solid Foundation of Building Products

AFA Forest Products Inc. works with a wide variety of North American manufacturers to provide our customers superior building materials. Whether you are looking for flooring, lumber, siding, deck and railings; insulation, trim and mouldings; cement board, etc., we have the items you need to create a space that is beautiful and functional.

Our national and regional product lines are innovative, efficient and durable. From low maintenance decking to laminate and engineered flooring, AFA can provide you with cutting-edge building solutions. We carry popular brands including: Azek Building Products, Northern Boreal Flooring, Tando Building Products, Green Fiber, Unifix Inc. and more to reflect the demands of our customers and their clients. We have enhanced our inventory to include faux stone siding, roofing shingles, green products as well as tile backer and sheathing options to stay competitive in the market. AFA Forest Products Inc. also has cedar pine and hardwood plywoods to complement any construction project.

With an external salesforce promoting, supporting, merchandising, and replenishing our product lines, we will not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers.

AFA Forest Products Inc. is a wholesale company and does not sell directly to the public. Contact your nearest retailer for pricing and further product information. Please note that all products may not be available at some locations.